Next Step

Next Step is a faith formational ministry whose mission is to train, encourage and challenge Christ followers to live more fully as committed disciples of the Jesus way, to share their faith with greater love and boldness, and to impact their world with greater courage and integrity on behalf of Jesus Christ. Next Step works both nationally and internationally, using workshops, retreats, worship and special events, as well as the internet, book and other print material, to provide preaching and teaching ministries within and beyond the Wesleyan family.

Next Step focuses its ministry in three areas:


Faith Formation

Faith FormationOur God is a seeking and sending God who desires to be in a relationship of wholeness and love with all creation. Next Step seeks to empower others to discover that kind of relationship for themselves. Additionally, through ministries such as faith sharing training, workshops on the role of evangelism in worship, and an emphasis on the overall witness of congregations in the life of their communities, existing communities of faith are given the tools to focus on a holistic approach to evangelism. Faith formation ministries empower individual Christ followers to share their faith more confidently and with greater grace in the unique context of their various relationships and provide congregations with resources to strengthen their witness in their communities.


Spiritual Development

Spiritual DevelopmentWhen we come into a relationship with Jesus, God blesses us with faith that grows and matures as our lives unfold. In a variety of environments such as workshops, retreats and other special events, Next Step seeks to empower people to take the next step of faith on their spiritual journey. By focusing on areas such as discipleship, prayer and meditation, connecting faith with daily life, ethics and the moral life, women’s ministries, and others, Christ followers are challenged to grow and mature in faith. Additionally, Kim Reisman is the General Editor of Wesleyan Accent a web-based ministry providing free and subscription resources for Christian spiritual formation, catechesis, and discipleship in the Wesleyan way.


Leadership Cultivation

Leadership CultivationThe vibrancy of the witness of Christ followers in the world is greatly impacted by the effectiveness of leadership within the body of Christ. Therefore, Next Step is committed to cultivating dynamic young leaders within the context of the Wesleyan family and beyond. Through the Next Step Justice and Mercy Initiative, our partnership with World Methodist Evangelism’s Order of the Flame and the Matrix Connexion Project, we seek to identify, nurture and support leadership within the body of Christ.



Kimberly D. Reisman

Born in Gulfport, Mississippi, Kim lived in California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Connecticut before moving to Indiana in 1993 with her husband, John and three (now grown) children, Nathan, Maggie and Hannah. She is ordained in the United Methodist Church, has a Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University, a Masters of Divinity from Yale Divinity School, and a PhD in Theology from Durham University in the United Kingdom.

Kim is known for her effective preaching and teaching, serves on the World Methodist Council Steering Committee and regularly partners with World Methodist Evangelism and the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, providing leadership for their evangelism seminars worldwide. Additionally, Kim is the General Editor of Wesleyan Accent and has written several books:

  • The Workbook on the Seven Deadly Sins
  • The Workbook on Virtues and Fruits of the Spirit
  • The Christ-Centered Woman: Finding Balance in a World of Extremes
  • Knowing God: Making God the Main Thing in Your Life
  • The Workbook on the Ten Commandments
  • The Workbook on the Beatitudes
  • Following at a Distance
  • 44 Sermons to Serve the Present Age (co-editor & contributor)
  • Making Disciples in a World Parish: Global Perspectives on Mission & Evangelism (contributor)
  • The Christ Centered Woman: Finding Balance in a World of Extremes – a Bible study based on Ephesians 3

In all her work, Kim seeks to serve God by awakening, strengthening and enlivening the faith commitment of individuals as well as empowering communities of faith to become visible witnesses to the love of Christ for the world. Kim lives in West Lafayette, Indiana where she enjoys sports, music, reading, jewelry making, and time with family.