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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 | By Maxie Dunnam
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The Commercial Appeal, our Memphis daily newspaper, reported that serious offences by juveniles are down nearly 10% this year in Shelby County.  Even more encouraging is the fact that this past year only four minors were charged with murder. 15 years ago the number was 50.There is hope. We know that most of the time incarceration is not the answer. Jail time too often simply confirms and train young people for a life of crime.  We must find ways for young offenders to pay not by going to jail, but by making restitution and being reconciled to the victims of their crimes. If there are not efforts in your community that seek to intervene and offer alternatives to incarceration, maybe you can begin. Seeking mercy for these young people who may be on the road to a life of crime is a proven path to making life matter

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